Still feels like summer


Hey everyone,
So, it’s been awwwwwhhhhhiiiillleee! I know 😦 I just had a great summer.

Lounging by the pool at the club I joined :)

Lounging by the pool at the club I joined πŸ™‚

I hope you all relaxed, enjoyed outdoor activities, BBQs, and time with great family and friends. I stayed busy working, enjoying time with my 1 yr old niece, sailing, QT with family/friends, the shore (various points in NJ), fishing, staying active, and taking advantage of long summer days.
As the unofficial end of summer is behind us now (tear), I reflected on the great times I had grilling in the backyard. I have my little summer herb garden, the grill, and a mini table. What else do you need πŸ˜‰ I usually grill with company but I definitely will just turn on the grill for veggies or chicken during the week. It’s such a fast and healthy cooking method without heating up your home. I’m going to highlight the traditional American favorite, the burger on the grill.
So, I make them with a little twist. “Fancy turkey burgers,” is what I call them.
First start with LEAN ground turkey. I prefer organic, 93% lean turkey. I shape them into patties and add low fat/salt feta cheese, fresh herbs from the mini herb garden I have, finely chopped spinach and scallions. Place the patties on the hot grill. I usually grill up veggies or fresh sweet potato chips while the grill is on. I’ll save the extra for another meal πŸ™‚
grill time
I usually serve the fancy turkey burgers on a whole wheat bun. This will add fiber and be a little more filling. Don’t forget to throw the roll on the grill for a minute to toast the bun for an extra special touch. I wish I had a juicy slice of tomato, but I was fresh out! Some avocado would also compliment this perfectly! But, all alone, there are a lot of flavors and the burger was really juicy!
I am looking forward to the fall and the festivities that highlight the most beautiful time of year, in my opinion πŸ™‚ Enjoy! KW
*Note, I do not endorse any brands.


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