Enjoying the Fruits of my Labor


Who am I kidding….what an awesome week I had!    

On Wednesday I went out on a Chartered Fishing Boat in Jersey. 

What a great trip.  I’m a morning person so waking up at 5:30am was no biggie.  The sun was out and the temps were just right.  There was a slight ocean breeze, but nothing too rough to stir up some waves.  We were going for Fluke.  Overall, I caught three J SOO exciting!!  But, my fish were all ONE INCH too short so we had to throw them back.   womp womp….but not before I snapped a pic


 I didn’t really mind throwing the fish back because the excitement was in the catch and release!  But, my friend had two keepers and shared (so nice!)  so I was able to come home with some fresh catch. 

There is nothing like fresh catch.  It’s the sea-to-table for me!  lol

Fish is a good source of lean protein the AHA wants us to include two servings of fish per week.  I seasoned the one piece with a little lemon and pepper.  I think it’s a fresh taste that really complements white fish.  The other piece was seasoned with fresh herbs from my Herb Garden.  So convenient from the backyard! 


As far as cooking goes, I favor the grill to keep the heat outside!!   I wrapped them in foil and threw it on the grill.  You could also bake them of course. 

I served the fish with sautéed spinach and faro.  Delicious! 

So now you can see that it was a fun filled experience.  Overall I got to spend some QT with friends and enjoy a beautiful day at the shore!  It’s the little things! 


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