Healthy Habits = Healthy Lifestyle


This week I was reading one of my favorite blogs: Carrots n Cake. . The post was “5 Tips for Jumpstarting a Healthy Lifestyle” and readers were asked to leave a comment on your #1 Healthy Lifestyle Tip. Very thought provoking because I could rattle of like 10 in 5 seconds. But if I could ball all the tips into one it would be: Remember you are living the lifestyle for you! Don’t worry what people say about your green smoothie or the fact your are up at 5am for a run or paid $$$ for a race, sneakers or lululemon tights.


To help me practice specific healthy habits I use an app called LIFT. I simply set my goal habits, number of times I want to practice them through out the week and check in each time I practiced a particular habit. There is a community aspect where you can follow friends and encourage others with giving “props”. And the push notifications are great motivators.

Here are the habits I set on my Lift app:

– Planning ahead: My days are always easier when I pack my clothes and lunch the night before. I am more likely to eat cleaner and workout. And I can’t forget little Gavin; prepping all his bottles and diaper bag takes some stress out of the day.
– Drink more water: My specific goal is to have a large glass before my coffee in morning and before meals.
– Run: As I get back to running after having Gavin I realize I am having difficultly stringing together miles. So I am going to try to run shirt distances more frequently.
– Blog 1 per week: Its good for mood, mind and body!
– Call or email a good friend: Joe and I don’t go out as much as we use to for obvious reasons. But it’s still very important to me that I stay in touch with my friends.

Don’t forget the World Cup!!! Team US plays Portugal Sunday at 6p.m. If you don’t like soccer at least tune in to see the World’s Best Player (and maybe the World’s most Handsome Man), Cristiano Ronaldo (bottom picture).
I am having my family over to watch the game. I am challenging myself to make it a healthy party. Check back Monday for my healthy entertaining tips!



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