Monday Reset


It’s Monday, and like so many weekends involving chores around the house, social events and hectic schedules, I got caught up in eating out and “celebrating”. By Sunday night I left like I undone all my hard work from the week and that’s pretty hard because I did 100 Burpees on Friday. Today I decided to reset my system and eat super squeaky clean.

Monday Reset Game Plan
Upon waking: 20 ounces warm water with lemon
Jump-start my Monday morning with Tabata group exercise class. Sweat out some of the processed foods and burn off excess calories.
Post-workout: Green protein smoothie
Breakfast: Greek yogurt and watermelon
Throughout the morning: 24 ounces water
Lunch: Mixed green salad with lemon juice and olive oil; mixed nuts
Afternoon snack: Chicken on whole wheat bread
Brisk 30 minute walk (it’s was a beautiful day, why not!)
Pre-Dinner: 20 ounces warm water with lemon and banana
Dinner: Steak veggie stir fry and strawberries
Night snack: home-made Coconut water mango and strawberry Popsicle


By the end of the day I felt refreshed. I am not a nutritionist… I came up with my game plan from reading various articles and experience on what I know works and makes me feel good. Simply put I drank tons of water, ate fruits and veggies to flush my body. I also picked meals and snacks that were less starchy than usual and not processed (if possible). I finally I kicked my rear in gear with a tough workout.

Changing gears… Congrats to the US Men’s Soccer team on a HUGE win today. I will admit the US team was lucky to get the win; they lacked control of the game but had spirit to finish strong. With the win today and big loss by Portugal, the US has a great chance to get out of the first round. Good Luck Boys!



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