Philly Fit Bash



Hey guys,

Hope you are having a great weekend!  The weather is BEAUTIFUL outside!!  Last night I went to the Philly Fit Bash to check out some new fitness trends.  It’s an event put on by Philly Fit Magazine.  My friend Britt wanted to go too because it was local this year. 

When we entered, there was a “Workout-a-Thon,” which was like a huge aerobics class with small time intervals of various styles of fitness.  From zumba, to boxing, to yoga they mixed it up to engage everyone!   Looking around the room, everyone was having a great time and enjoying one another’s company.  The Fit Bash also had raffles, live music, samples, and vendors.  The most interesting vendor to me was the SurfSet Fitness.  By now, I think you know that I enjoy aerobics 🙂  It just works for me because I am in a group setting and have a certified instructor to help me (and everyone else in class) improve.  Not to mention variety!  I rotate from muscle classes to pilates to cardio. 

Anyway the Surf training has a board that you get on to target all areas of your body.  To me, it was a major core and balance exercise!  In a odd way, it kind of reminded me how a Pilates class would work me out.  I would totally take a full 45-60 min aerobics class on this surfboard!!  It was a lot of fun.  Here is a pic of me going for a test ride. 


After we finished in the Venue area, the Philly Fit Bash location was at a gym with a gigantic outdoor pool.  We went over to that area because the sun was still shining and we had beautiful June weather.  We ordered some dinner and just hung out for a little bit by the pool.  After this looooonnnggg winter 2014 that just past, I appreciate the breezy sunny days that draw everyone outdoors. 

Have a great rest of the weekend   🙂 Kim


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