#working mom


This about sums up how Gavin and I felt about going back to work, ha ha.

Surprisingly I survived my first day back to work and I found it to be very pleasant.

Here’s what I did to make my transition into being a “working mom” a little easier:
I started my work week on a Thursday. The weekend is solo close, Nough said…

Call a friend or co-worker who is a mom and pick her brain. I was curious about how pumping at work, how does your frame of mind change and work/family balance advice.

Stage a mock work day. In other words, I had Gavin’s caregiver come by on Monday to watch him while I had a few work meetings and took time to tackle my overflowing inbox from home. This helped bring me up to speed at work and made the first day less intense. Also I was able to let my caregiver a chance to watch Gavin and answer any questions. (This was unplanned but extremely helpful)

I asked my husband to take off from work and I planned a fun little Tuesday as a family of three.

My last day home I spent the whole day with the baby and tired to get any unfinished errands or home tasks out of the way.

I prepared my stuff (outfit, lunch, pump, etc) and Gavin’s bags (diaper bag and bottle bag) in the early evening. It may sound silly but I didn’t want to do this right before bed because that would mAke me feel like the face above. 😉

I requested pictures and called to check in a few times my first day.

My first day back was great because I got to talk about my baby and show off pictures all day. And most importantly, I got ALOT of love from text messages, Facebook friends and folks at work. I certainly missed Gavin and kissed him and squeezed him the whole evening. I even had a new love for all the baby stuff that’s taken over our living room.

Like I said the weekend is around the corner. What’s on your agenda for the weekend? Post comments!


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