Off to a Great Start!


It’s Tuesday morning, which is my long day.  I tend to take advantage of this and pack a lot into the day.  I just discovered this aerobics class at the gym called Major Muscle.  It’s a one hour total body workout for strength training.  The participation was packed!  There were literally over 40 participants in the class.  Funny, because I ran into Maggie’s mom there! 🙂 She is super fit and awesome!  I like group training or working out with others, so this was perfect for me.  I feel really good! 

The class started early, so I just had a small snack before I left.  I made a breakfast smoothie when I got home.  I went out with my friends on Saturday afternoon and the topic of Smoothies came up.  We all discussed our recipes for what we use and they were all completely different!!  I mean, there are sooo many ways to make a smoothie, but it’s fun to see everyone’s tips and preferences. 


So, I use an individual-cup for the blender.  It’s about 16oz rather then the huge attachment because I make individual servings.  I LOVE berries and they have so much nutritional value.  I tend to use frozen but today I used part fresh raspberries, part frozen blueberries & strawberries mixed.  If you use frozen, you will not have to add ice.  I def recommend adding some sort of dark leafy green.  I think spinach is a great start.  You cannot taste it in there….Really!!!  You can add your type of protein.  For my vegan friends, try pea protein.  If not, whey protein, but not an excessive amount.  Remember 1oz of protein = 7 or 8 gms.  So, if your powder contains a high amount per scoop, it’s way too much.  You may consider using a Greek yogurt container for an additional ~13 gms of protein or so. Next are the chia seeds.  (Did you know that the word Chia means strength)  They add some omega 3 and fiber which is great!  I prefer them because you add them right in without needed to grind them.  I use cold water for my liquid but sometimes I use unsweetened almond milk.  Blend up and there ya go!  Delicious and balanced. 


Although I have my degree in Dietetics and I’m Registered, every person’s dietary needs vary.  Please ask your doctor for your special dietary needs before following.  All of the nutrition information and recipes are not meant for everyone and you can follow at your own discretion.   


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