Hit the ground running.



Nothing says “Sunday Funday” like a 5k race! Especially being out of commission for 5 months while pregnant. I was cleared to exercise about 3 weeks ago and since that point I started runnning, walking, spinning to build stamina pace, find my stride and breathe.

It took me about a week to week and a half to string together 3 miles. And I attributed that quick start to doing interval training throughout my pregnancy, taking walks after delivery, foam rolling and not worrying about pace.

The true test of today’s race was going to be running as a “mom”. Not that it makes you faster, slower or earns any speciAl awards. Rather it was time management test of waking up early enough to eat, wake baby, feed baby, get myself ready, pack the car, drop off baby, register for race and warm up. Score one for Mama Maggie! I managed all that with time to spare before the race. In a prefect world I should have ran an mile prior to continue to build mileage and stamina but my legs are still sore from Friday’s workout (woof). Fortunately, the course was flat and quick course along the Delaware Canal. I completed 3.1 miles in 27minutes and change. A good start but I would really like to run my next 5k under 26 minutes (stay tuned!).

As I was driving home, I realized how much time it takes to run and train now that I have someone (baby Gavin’s) else’s schedule to work against. And maybe I need to re-evaluate my grand plan of running a marathon in November (and PR-ing, yes I am on over achiever). Because this Thursday I add another wrench in the schedule as I am returning to work… WAHHH. I am loving every minute of being a mom and I am very determined to stay an athlete. So a new journey begins with working out, running and balancing my family, home and work.


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