Grilling Season officially started 5-27-14


Good morning everyone, Kim here. I am excited to share my FIRST blog post!! I hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day weekend and spent QT with family and friends. I did just that and spent some time at the local State Park, caught a few sales and of course made some delicious healthy items on the grill. I’m going to share with you how easy GRILLING can be! Let’s get started!

I love grilling veggies and even some fruit. It gives the produce a whole new taste. Take your favorite veggies (I choose red pepper, eggplant, yellow squash, & zucchini) and cut them into uniform-sized pieces! This helps everything grill evenly.

Cut into uniform shape for the grill

Cut into uniform shape for the grill

You have to add some kind of liquid to the veggies to keep them from drying out. I mix balsamic vinegar with olive oil to cut down on the fat (instead of just using oil) plus it adds a different flavor. Brush on the mixture using a cooking brush.

Brush veggies with balsamic and olive oil mixture

Brush veggies with balsamic and olive oil mixture

We need to have some sort of starch with the meal, so I decided to go with grilled potatoes and sweet potatoes. Be sure to leave the skin on for more fiber! Cut these in uniform shapes as well and season with a drizzle of olive oil, smmmmmaallll amount of salt, and pepper for the regular potatoes. I used a little drizzle olive oil and cinnamon for the sweets.

Grilled potatoes that turn out like fries

Grilled potatoes that turn out like fries

The veggies take longer to cook, so I popped them on the grill first. It was on medium to high heat of the grill and I checked them every so often. I flipped them once for even cooking.

So, a few months back I went to Alaska and caught some Salmon. I shipped it back (frozen) and I personally love Wild Alaskan Salmon which is available at most stores. There are tons of ways to cook it but I decided to go with a simple method for this weekend. I just defrosted them and added fresh lemon juice and fresh cracked pepper. I wrapped them in foil to create little packets.

Foil packets

Foil packets

Here is the final product. The grilled fries are on the left…I like them with grill marks so they are crispy. The veggies are on the right with a lot of the balsamic color and the traditional salmon is below.
Balanced Dinner

I made a grilled peach for dessert but forgot to take a pic 😦 But slice a peach in half and grill. Once it caramelizes, take off and serve with 1/2 cup reduced fat vanilla ice cream. I sprinkle a few blueberries on it too. Delicious!!!!

Thanks for reading my first post!! 😉


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