Still feels like summer


Hey everyone,
So, it’s been awwwwwhhhhhiiiillleee! I know 😦 I just had a great summer.

Lounging by the pool at the club I joined :)

Lounging by the pool at the club I joined 🙂

I hope you all relaxed, enjoyed outdoor activities, BBQs, and time with great family and friends. I stayed busy working, enjoying time with my 1 yr old niece, sailing, QT with family/friends, the shore (various points in NJ), fishing, staying active, and taking advantage of long summer days.
As the unofficial end of summer is behind us now (tear), I reflected on the great times I had grilling in the backyard. I have my little summer herb garden, the grill, and a mini table. What else do you need 😉 I usually grill with company but I definitely will just turn on the grill for veggies or chicken during the week. It’s such a fast and healthy cooking method without heating up your home. I’m going to highlight the traditional American favorite, the burger on the grill.
So, I make them with a little twist. “Fancy turkey burgers,” is what I call them.
First start with LEAN ground turkey. I prefer organic, 93% lean turkey. I shape them into patties and add low fat/salt feta cheese, fresh herbs from the mini herb garden I have, finely chopped spinach and scallions. Place the patties on the hot grill. I usually grill up veggies or fresh sweet potato chips while the grill is on. I’ll save the extra for another meal 🙂
grill time
I usually serve the fancy turkey burgers on a whole wheat bun. This will add fiber and be a little more filling. Don’t forget to throw the roll on the grill for a minute to toast the bun for an extra special touch. I wish I had a juicy slice of tomato, but I was fresh out! Some avocado would also compliment this perfectly! But, all alone, there are a lot of flavors and the burger was really juicy!
I am looking forward to the fall and the festivities that highlight the most beautiful time of year, in my opinion 🙂 Enjoy! KW
*Note, I do not endorse any brands.


Healthy oatmeal squares



Do you have bananas that are on the edge of jumping into the trash can because they are too ripe? Instead of throwing them out, try this no added sugar bake. Yes, some ingredients contain natural sweetness, but nothing is added.
It calls for ripe bananas, natural applesauce, a splash of almond milk, 1 tsp of vanilla and cinnamon, and 2cups oats. I also added 1/2 cup raisins.
Just bake for 15 mins at 350. They are super easy! Cut into squares and enjoy. May freeze to enjoy whenever! Have a great day 🙂


Utilize your time


Over the weekend, I was having a conversation with a friend about planning and scheduling.  I would consider myself a planner but also believe in getting the most bang for your buck.  So, tonight is a random Monday night and I made dinner on the early side, 5:30pm.  Since the oven was already on, and I have tons of chores to accomplish tonight, I decided to take advantage of that and make one of my favorites….. APPLE CHIPS.  This recipe does make me think of autumn, but they are soooo good to have anytime.  They take a good deal of caking time, that’s why its best to think ahead and make them when you are home doing other things. 


Turn the oven to 250 degrees.

Using a mandolin, slice your favorite type of apple into uniform chips. 

Line them up on a baking sheet.  Sprinkle with cinnamon or a little bit of cinnamon sugar.  Flip and repeat. 

Bake in the oven for two hours, flipping them once, halfway through the baking process. 

They come out crisp and delicious.  Everyone will be eating these as a snack! 


Sunday Funday


Ahhhh… My perfect Sunday in a nut shell!
early morning workout. I burned 500+ calories with a hilly 2 mile walk then into a jog 2 minutes walk 2 minutes for 3 miles.


food shopping I have this quirky love for going food shopping. And it’s even better with a Carrot Kale Dream smoothie (on sale to boot!)


bounty full of healthy foods
Meal plan this week:
M- Veggie Quiche
Tu- grilled pork chop with salad
WD- chicken sweet potatoes and squash on grill
Th- seafood something
Fr- holiday BBQ
Sat- leftovers
Sun- steak kabobs


feet up and watching the most exciting World Cup ever!


Cheers to a wonderful week!!!

Enjoying the Fruits of my Labor


Who am I kidding….what an awesome week I had!    

On Wednesday I went out on a Chartered Fishing Boat in Jersey. 

What a great trip.  I’m a morning person so waking up at 5:30am was no biggie.  The sun was out and the temps were just right.  There was a slight ocean breeze, but nothing too rough to stir up some waves.  We were going for Fluke.  Overall, I caught three J SOO exciting!!  But, my fish were all ONE INCH too short so we had to throw them back.   womp womp….but not before I snapped a pic


 I didn’t really mind throwing the fish back because the excitement was in the catch and release!  But, my friend had two keepers and shared (so nice!)  so I was able to come home with some fresh catch. 

There is nothing like fresh catch.  It’s the sea-to-table for me!  lol

Fish is a good source of lean protein the AHA wants us to include two servings of fish per week.  I seasoned the one piece with a little lemon and pepper.  I think it’s a fresh taste that really complements white fish.  The other piece was seasoned with fresh herbs from my Herb Garden.  So convenient from the backyard! 


As far as cooking goes, I favor the grill to keep the heat outside!!   I wrapped them in foil and threw it on the grill.  You could also bake them of course. 

I served the fish with sautéed spinach and faro.  Delicious! 

So now you can see that it was a fun filled experience.  Overall I got to spend some QT with friends and enjoy a beautiful day at the shore!  It’s the little things! 

Lemon Chia Seed Pudding



Today I made a new recipe with the Star ingredient being Chia Seeds.  Chia seeds are little seeds, usually eaten by 1 or 2 Tbsp at a sitting that add mostly fiber and omega-3, along with a little protein and iron.  Try adding them in yogurt and smoothies, or sprinkle on top of cereal or a salad. 

I was looking for a new way to eat them and I came across a recipe for chia seed pudding.  I figured the consistency would come out well because Chia seeds turn to gel when soaked in water.  There are only a few ingredients:


Very easy.  Add 1 Tbsp olive oil, 1.5 Tbsp sugar; 2 Tbsp maple syrup, 1/2 juice from a large lemon, 7oz Almond milk, 1/4 cup chia seeds.  Blend together all ingredients except chia.  Whisk in the chia seeds and let sit for 30 mins until it gelatinizes.  Keep refrigerated.  Top each portion with lemon zest and serve.  This is a sweet treat to eat as dessert 🙂 Enjoy 

Note: I do not endorse any brand names or products.

Healthy Habits = Healthy Lifestyle


This week I was reading one of my favorite blogs: Carrots n Cake. . The post was “5 Tips for Jumpstarting a Healthy Lifestyle” and readers were asked to leave a comment on your #1 Healthy Lifestyle Tip. Very thought provoking because I could rattle of like 10 in 5 seconds. But if I could ball all the tips into one it would be: Remember you are living the lifestyle for you! Don’t worry what people say about your green smoothie or the fact your are up at 5am for a run or paid $$$ for a race, sneakers or lululemon tights.


To help me practice specific healthy habits I use an app called LIFT. I simply set my goal habits, number of times I want to practice them through out the week and check in each time I practiced a particular habit. There is a community aspect where you can follow friends and encourage others with giving “props”. And the push notifications are great motivators.

Here are the habits I set on my Lift app:

– Planning ahead: My days are always easier when I pack my clothes and lunch the night before. I am more likely to eat cleaner and workout. And I can’t forget little Gavin; prepping all his bottles and diaper bag takes some stress out of the day.
– Drink more water: My specific goal is to have a large glass before my coffee in morning and before meals.
– Run: As I get back to running after having Gavin I realize I am having difficultly stringing together miles. So I am going to try to run shirt distances more frequently.
– Blog 1 per week: Its good for mood, mind and body!
– Call or email a good friend: Joe and I don’t go out as much as we use to for obvious reasons. But it’s still very important to me that I stay in touch with my friends.

Don’t forget the World Cup!!! Team US plays Portugal Sunday at 6p.m. If you don’t like soccer at least tune in to see the World’s Best Player (and maybe the World’s most Handsome Man), Cristiano Ronaldo (bottom picture).
I am having my family over to watch the game. I am challenging myself to make it a healthy party. Check back Monday for my healthy entertaining tips!